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bramleigh farm

regenerative farm producing pasture raised products and offering eco-conscious accommodation



regenerative farm






know your farmer


A regenerative farm

“A holistic systems approach to agriculture that encourages continual on-farm innovation for environmental, social, economic and spiritual well being”
- Rodale Institute

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that mimics nature, with every action aiming to sequester carbon, improve water retention and biodiversity through building topsoil and a resilient landscape. This produces nutrient dense food.

As with any natural ecosystem, animals are essential and are therefore given the highest respect. Mechanisation is traded for time and labour equalling more human contact, and greater observation of needs. Cramped houses are traded for mobile infrastructure.

Our animals are pasture raised, the most natural way of raising animals, which means happier animals, positively impacting the land through natural behaviours. Pasture raised animals are always on the move, moving to new areas of land. For the animals, this means hygienic living conditions and new places to explore. For the land, this means even spread of manure and managed impact. Integrated multiple species of animals are moved over the same piece of land, each having their own role to play in building topsoil through their natural behaviours.

We are stewards of the land and animals.

We are passionate about educating consumers, to challenge consumers to know the story behind their food, to know their farmer…

This is our story…